i guess you were right (s3xyl3xy) wrote in cycling_nuts,
i guess you were right


Hi hello cycling fan!
Welcome to cycling_nuts. This community is for us nutters to blabber on about how Armstrongs gonna win his 7th(or not), Ivan Basso's eyes & is Jan Ullrich really a sausage?
Feel free to join and post whatever you want, if its photos please put them under a cut, thanks
Anna xox
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All I can say is that Jan Ullrich really SMELLS like a sausage, but I don't know if he actually IS one...
Is this community active??? I would like to join.
I'm with you. I would also like to join. And so would my boyfriend, I'm sure.
Ullrich is SO hot!!!!! I wanna marry him.. :(
Haha yes ullrich the sexpot. Feel free to join as im now making it an active community, wahoo!
I like cycling but am not a cycling anorak and don't want to chat about clothes and nuts and bolts. However, it is just great to chat about cycling in general and may be chat to other women cyclists like me, not all us have a bike with a shopping basket! I hope to be there when the Tour de France come to London... hey
hey im sorta new to LJ but have been a keen cyclist for about 6 years